Macabre...ish Horror Review: Frontier(s)


Frontiers, 2007/ 108 min.


In France, a riot has broken out in Paris after a far right candidate is elected president. A gang is hoping to escape the chaos but need money and decide to use the chaos of the city to pull off a robbery. After one of them is shot, the group split up, half go to the hospital, half (Farid and Tom) to an inn/pig farm, near the border where the innkeepers say their rooms are free. Fatally wounded Sami begs a pregnant Yasmine to keep the baby and follow the rest of the group to the inn so she’s not jailed for the robbery.


After getting directions to the inn, the innkeepers, Gilbert, klaudis and Goetz, attack Tom and Farid and drive their car off a cliff. They take refuge in a mine. Which is populated by the innkeepers rejected children. Alex and Yasmine are imprisoned and Alex is hobbled by slicing his Achilles’ tendons. Farid is chased into a boiler and cooked alive.



Meanwhile the family who runs this inn gives Yasmine to a son to ‘continue’ the family name. We also discover other ‘family’ members are not blood but are other captives, also there for breeding and to care for the children in the mine.



This movie is murderous inbred fare, bloody, gory, hopeless and brutal to watch. But people fight like hell to escape. It’s a cross between Texas Chainsaw Massacre, People Under The Stairs and Wrong Turn. Total gore porn! It was a good watch if you’re in the mood, I enjoyed it! Well done!



Adult scenes and language. The movie is in French and offers English and Spanish subtitles.


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