Macabre...ish Horror Review: Frozen




Frozen, 2010/ 93 min.




Childhood friends on vacation at a ski resort on Mt. Hollistan, want to scam one last trip down the slopes before they head home. But they don't know a storm is coming in and the resort is closing early. They find out when they are on the lift and it suddenly stops. And never restarts. Then the resorts lights turn off. Time is passing and they know they will not survive the week, which is how long the resort will be closed for, not to mention a storm.



They discuss options and the only option seems to be to jump. Aside from weather, the other danger is wild life. Frostbite begins to set in and parts of their bodies freeze to the lift. It's desperate and help is not coming.



This is a hard watch. It's sad and heavy. A tale of a dumb mistake gone horribly wrong. And the desperate measures to save themselves. This is a psychological thriller. It's also graphic and the effects are pretty good.


Make sure to have the palate cleanser ready after this one.