Macabre...ish Horror Review: Funny Games


Funny Games, 2007/ 109 min


A wealthy family, Georg (Tim Roth), Anne (Naomi Watts) and Georgie (Deavon Gearhart) and dog, Lucky, go to their holiday home on the lake. They talk to their neighbors on the way in and they are acting strange.  Fred arrives in the company of 2 strangers, introduced as Paul (Michael Pitt) and Peter (Brad Corbett) and it doesn’t get better. The strangers quickly get comfortable and destructive.

They ask for eggs and break every one of them. They ‘accidentally’ break the family’s phones. Plus Lucky is inconsolable around these two. He only stops barking after something bad happens to him.

Finally, Peter and Paul refuse to leave after playing a maddening game concerning eggs. And George is attacked after slapping Peter. And these 2 over the top, polite but clearly deranged individuals want to play more games. Not just obnoxious games but deadly ones too.

This disturbed cult of 2, want to place a wager with the family. Peter and Paul bet that the family will not be alive by 9 am the next day. This is a game they have played a lot. With lots of families, traveling from neighbor to neighbor.

This is a 2007 remake of the 90s Austrian psychological thriller, expect mind games, blood and heartache. More thriller than horror but heavy and bleak. And that rewind mode just made this crazier.