Macabre...ish Horror Review: Game of Death



Game of Death, 2017/ 1 hr 13 min

A group of 7 friends got themselves some weed, beer and a board game! Game of Death! When they press their game piece, it pricks their fingers and the blood flows down the trough and activates the game.

It starts a count down and the instruction says ‘If no one is killed by the time the clock runs out, the game will execute a player. The game ends when the time runs out or all the players are dead. Beware: Once the game starts you cannot quit. Kill or be killed, that is the only way out.’ The digital monitor says 24.

Later during the day, during a drinking game, one of their heads explodes. They all freak out thinking he has been shot in the head. When the creepy neighbor comes over, they assume he killed their friend, until it happens again.

The game, in the other room, is still operating, laughing and counting down every time someone dies. The monitor now says 22, they are playing the game or the game is playing them.

They finally realize it is real and they have no choice but to play. So, though they are traumatized, they have to figure out who to kill. One of them is taking it very well, just like a video game, right?!

This flick is graphic and gory, buckets of blood and guts gory. The effects are good!  Parts of this is first person POV shaky cam but it fits well. There’s also video game, social media and cool animated clips throughout for emphasis. Also there are some colorful weirdos and some nice touches in this film (bullet cam!).