Macabre...ish Horror Review: Game Over


Game Over, 2019/ 1 hr 43 min


A woman is stalked and tortured by being tied up with a plastic bag over her head and she struggles to breath. Then she’s beheaded, her body lit on fire while propped sitting in a chair outside and her head, still in the bag, is kicked around like a soccer ball. And all before the title.


Later, a traumatized gamer/video game programmer, Swapna (Taapsee Pannu), is afraid of the dark. And it is on the eve of the anniversary of her abduction and rape. Her panic attacks are bad plus a tattoo she got for her love of games has become painful. She finds out the artist accidentally used someone else’s memorial ink, ink made with a loved ones ashes.


She unsuccessfully tries to kill herself but as she’s healing, a masked killer comes on the anniversary on her assault, 11 p.m. New Year’s. His victims of choice are women with tattoos. He makes his way into her house and wheelchair bound with 2 broken legs, she has has to defend herself, again.


But this movie is not quite that simple or straight forward. If she can learn from the mistakes of her past, she can outsmart the bad guy but her chances are running out.


This movie was a surprise! It is an Indian movie, Hindi and English audio. I had no idea where it was going and was thrilled when it became obvious. This is no run of the mill serial rapist/killer flick. It is graphic and bloody at times. It does stall out but it’s a good set up for the last 3rd of the movie. Well done!