Macabre...ish Horror Review: Get Out


Get Out, 2017/ 104 min.


Chris is heading to upstate New York to meet his girlfriend, Rose’s family, the Armitages, and he’s apprehensive about the meeting. They are wealthy professionals and are comfortable making suspect comments about black people.


While there, he also witnesses strange behavior from their staff. Later, he’s pressured by the mother, Missy, who’s a hypnotherapist to undergo hypnosis for his smoking. While in a trance he experiences disturbing visions and the next day assumes it was a dream.


The Armitages have their annual gathering and soon the place is swarming with weird wealthy people. After the party, Chris is unnerved by the events and wants to leave and go to the police. While he’s packing he finds photos of Rose and prior boyfriends, also black, contradicting her assertion that he’s her first. And upon leaving, she and her family block his way. Missy stops his escape with a trigger she’s implanted in his mind during the hypnosis and knocks him out.


He wakes strapped to a chair and here’s the full horror of what he’s doing there, what this family has been up too and how their family lives forever. Luckily they don’t want to kill him, they just want some of his body parts.


There’s a lot going on with this movie, the plot twist is kind of wild and strange. This movie gets violent and gory. It was crazy enough to keep me interested and entertained.