Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ghost Ship



Ghost Ship, 2002/ 1 hr 31 min.


In 1962 aboard the, Italian Ocean Liner, the Antonia Graza, a disaster happens. Dozens of wealthy passengers are killed when a cable snaps and whips through passengers dancing on the dance floor, 





cutting just about everyone in half, leaving a little girl, the only survivor.





Forty years later a salvage crew celebrating their recent success, hears about a vessel adrift in international waters.





It’s the Antonia Grazia, it mysteriously disappeared years ago. Because it’s in international waters, anyone can claim it and bring it to port.





After locating and boarding the ship, they discover a treasure on board, millions in gold bars. After a series of supernatural events, they decide to abandon the salvage effort but decide to take the gold. But at every turn they’re sabotaged. Their tugboat is sabotaged, explodes and sinks, killing Santos. So the only choice is to try to repair the Antonia. The engaged, Greer, dies at the bottom of an elevator shaft after being seduced by a ghost.


Then Captain Murphy finds the ghost of the ship’s captain in his quarters, where he explains that he found the gold on the Lorelei with it’s only remaining survivor, a little girl he recognizes. But when he goes to tell the others, he hallucinates that they are all dead and charred Santos. Which sends him into a murderous rage. Believing he’s gone insane, they lock him in an empty fish tank, where he later drowns.


Epps discovers what happened on the Graza, the crew murders the passengers for the gold, then turned on each other. And the mastermind, Jack Ferriman, is a demonic spirit. And she realizes too late that they have been lured there. And all of this is a trick. A trick that’s repeated itself over and over, throughout history.


This is a surprisingly good movie with a really good cast. Good concept and story! Lots of twists so you have to pay attention or you’ll be confused and underwhelmed. Good effects too.



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