Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ginger Snaps 2



Ginger Snaps 2, 2004/ 93 min.


After the death of her sister, Ginger, spends her time cutting herself, but it’s not what you think. She mixed her blood with her sister’s and now is understanding her affliction better.



She’s logging her heal times to determine when she’ll change, it’s become an obsession. She’s also running from a male lycanthrope. And lands in rehab when she’s found in the snow after she and the local librarian are attacked by him.



But there’s a problem, this is a lock-in facility and Ginger controls her transformation with wolfsbane, which she has no access to, in this facility. She also hallucinates her sister, who keeps warning her of impending doom and to remind her of her insecurities.


Here, she is known as Brigitte, based on the library card found on her. This facility has all the charm of high school, complete with bullies and plenty of rules. With the added bonus of the an orderly being a sexual predator who enjoys the power trip and trading sex for favors.



Without that wolfsbane she’s changing and it’s getting harder to hide. And Tyler the Reptilian predator enjoys making her squirm. But they are not the only unassuming monsters in this place, there’s also a deadly Ghost.



There is a distinct Girl Interrupted vibe in this movie. For it being so much blood in this movie, it’s not particularly graphic. They do not show the kills, only glimpses of the male wolf for most of the movie and not much were wolf transformation aside from Ginger’s slow transformation as she struggles to keep it from happening.



All in all it wasn’t bad and had some good surprises in it and it got better as the movie went on.


This is a low budget movie but they focused on what mattered. For instance, her changes were really well done. Very detailed but the librarian’s dead body was not good but didn’t really need to be. The opening sequence did not add to the movie and could’ve been left out.






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