Macabre…ish Horror Review: Goodbi



GoodBi, 2022/ 1 hr 31 min


A nursing student, Beth (MaRah Williams), struggles with trauma and her relationships and after a visit with her therapist, she feels good enough to go on a trip with her friends.


The first pit stop is extremely triggering because of the state of the public restroom and ends up fully prone and covered in poop, on the bathroom floor. But that is not all that’s wrong, the locals are acting weird and not normal weird. Something’s going on.


As they drive away, they pass a bloody sneaker under a bush.


Upon arriving at the lake, Beth, is over it and kind of ill. And there’s no changing her mind. So she sits on the shore and disassociates until it’s time to go. On the ride back, Beth swears she sees her friends arguing and then crash. But they have no idea what she’s talking about.


A guy from the lake helps them fix a tire and he starts out fine but suddenly becomes violent and attacks Beth. During the tussle, the man gets creamed by a passing vehicle. After a quick argument, they end up leaving him in the road.


They return to school and Beth is really struggling. She has flash backs and keeps losing time. Whatever is wrong is getting worse. Everyone one she encounters turns violent and attacks her.


She is beaten, stabbed, shot and stabbed in the span of 5 minutes. From the pharmacy to the cafe, citizens to cops, become rabidly violent and attack Beth, for no reason. Meanwhile, he friends are still trying to come to terms with the hit and run.


She slowly starts to think it’s her presence that is making people attack her. Including her friends, then her cat. Soon she is only safe alone. And she thinks it is related to her biome and that it could be contagious and infecting other people, making them crazy and violent. But everyone else thinks it’s all in her mind.


When she’s checked into the hospital and once again ends up covered in feces, people start changing. She may have had a point about it being airborne because suddenly everyone in the hospital is chasing her.



This movie, directed by D.A. Jackson, starts out a little slow, it’s about 25 minutes in before it starts picking up after the first little violent spurt, 5 minutes in. This is a good quality movie with a solid cast and good lead. It’s a solid concept but watching someone throw up or threaten too and be covered in crap for half the movie was too much for me. Then consuming bags of crap…I just can’t. Plus watching this lady get beaten up by the entire town was a lot. This was otherwise pretty solid. It felt like a zombie horror but different.