Macabre...ish Horror Review: Gremlins


Gremlins, 1984/ 106 min. A gadget salesman happens upon the perfect gift for his son in a little shop in China Town but the shop owner is very reluctant to sell. It’s a mogwai, an intriguing little creature with an important set of rules that must be adhered too or disaster will ensue. The animal can never get wet, never eat after midnight and can never be exposed to bright light. 


He manages to get the mogwai, who’s named Gizmo and present him to his son, Billy, for Christmas and all is well until he accidentally gets Gizmo wet and the result is, he quickly multiplies. These new mogwai are nothing like Gizmo and they are a handful. Causing chaos and purposely multiplying as well as eating after midnight, which spawns grotesque little monsters, Gremlins, that soon spread throughout town. Wreaking havoc, injuring and killing people and breeding out of control.


Billy, Gizmo and friends must work together to keep this nightmare from getting worse and spreading. 


This is a good movie with good effects. Graphic and gory, though most is gremlin gore, it’s still awesome!



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