Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hard Candy



Hard Candy, 2005/ 1 hr 44 min. A precocious and quirky fourteen year old, Hayley (Ellen Page), goes to a coffee shop to meet up with a man, Jeff (Patrick Wilson), he’s a fashion photographer but he’s not there in a professional capacity. This is a date after flirting online.



After a seemingly successful first meeting and some wheedling, they end up at his place, with Hayley mixing drinks.



Jeff sets the mood with a little music as they drink and talk about his work and his past. After his second screwdriver, Jeff collapses. Hayley has put something in his drink and he wakes up tied to a chair.



They both have a secret. Jeff is a predator and Hayley knows it. And she’s going to get him to confess. You see, she lost a friend and she knows that he was the last person she was with and she was never seen or heard from again. 


This is going to be a long day of torture for Jeff. Physical and psychological torture until Hayley gets some answers. She’s done her homework and even knows the comings and goings of his neighbors. She knows a lot about him and simply wants to know what happened to her friend. She wants him to confess and she wants justice. And he will give them to her.



This movie is a psychological thriller and it’s a good one! The actors do a phenomenal job and it’s riveting. There’s nudity and violence. Enjoy!


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