Macabre...ish Horror Review: Haunt



Haunt, 2019/ 92 min.




Six friends go to a haunted house that requires a liability waiver to partake. Upon hearing a blood curdling scream coming from inside, they immediately sign. But first, they must lock their cell phones in a box.



After walking down a hall of real spiders, they are presented with coffins, to continue on, you must seal yourself inside.


And after that, on your knees, there’s a much smaller door. It’s not long before the horror begins and the bodies start piling up. This haunted house is more like a torture chamber inside a trap. To make it through, it’ll only cost you pain and maim.

Except, are you supposed to actually make it out?



And wait until you see what’s under those masks. This movie is creepy, weird and painful to watch. Some of the effects aren’t great but they don’t really need to be. And some are awesome!!


It starts slow but then becomes quite the intriguing watch. There are some decent twists and a satisfying ending.









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