Macabre...ish Horror Review: He Never Died



He Never Died, 2015/ 1 hr 39 min


A man, Jack (Henry Rollins) just wants to be left alone to live out his immortality in peace but people insist on intruding. He mostly plays bingo and sleeps, his sleep is mostly nightmares and when he’s awake he’s curt, abrupt and rude. Oh and he is super strong, heals very quickly and he seems impervious to pain. He also have very unique scars on his back.


Some thugs break into his apartment just to get the crap kicked out of them but Jack is a little worse for the wear. Plus an ex calls to insist on he picks up a daughter he never knew existed. He ends the call with ‘Never call me again.’


So Jack goes in search of his daughter, Andrea and he finds her drunk at a mailman’s house. She needs a place to stay for a few days. She’s obnoxious and has serious boundary issues.


One night while at the diner his drink is drugged by someone who’s following him. He faints and they try to kill him. But once again he resists death. He kills at least 2 and eats at least one. After which he becomes more aggressive, feral even.


One night Jack gets a message that his daughter’s been kidnapped and they killed her mother. She’s next if Jack doesn’t come to the docks. But Jack barely cares and he doesn’t go.


He’s clearly being hunted by someone and whoever it is dangerous. But Jack is definitely more dangerous.


This movie is a slow burn, they really make you wait for it. This movie isn’t scary but when it is violent, it is very violent, when it’s graphic, it’s graphic and gory. I really enjoyed this flick! This could be a nice franchise.