Macabre…ish Horror Review: Headgame


Headgame, 2018/ 1 hr 32 min



Strangers wake up in a warehouse and discovered someone has cut holes into their heads and imbedded cameras into them. They have been selected for and are forced to play a game, a brutal competition and the one who survives it, wins.




Jackson (Pressly Coker) is strong willed, motivated, extremely confident and typically excels in high stress situations.

Anton (Owen Meyer) spent 5 years in the South African military, he has an extensive weapons back ground and is physically dominant.

Keith the Thief (Cameron Bowen) is deceptive and crafty. Everything about him is a lie. He will be whatever he needs to be in order to survive.

Leah (Liv von Oelreich) does not play well with others and doesn’t like to lose but is extremely competitive, she was banned from tennis after assaulting a line judge.

Nick, The Ironman (Connor Ross) is a triathlete very durable, nice guy.

Carla aka Cat (Sidney Allison) is a gymnast and has vocal cord damage due to an accident.

Sarah (Hannah Marie Hines) is an orphan with trichotillomania.

Mike (Edward Gelhaus) aka Magic Mike is a male escort.

Jackie (Jamie Hill) is a yoga teacher.


They are all game pieces, introduced to the game by the players. Each were invited to and brought to a party by an escort who has chosen each of them, unknowingly as a competitor. As they party and drink, they soon pass out.


Over the intercom is a woman’s voice, she welcomes them to the game and says they have to find a key and the door it unlocks. And informs them that only one of them will leave but only if the rest are dead.


When they try to force a door open, she lets them know that only one, the one that survives will exit that door.


They are warned that attempting to interfere with the cameras in anyway, a high pitched frequency will go off in your head. Each also has a vial of acid contained within the camera case and it is slowly eating it’s way through.


Mike rips his the lens out of his head and proves it to them all. Anyone who tries to wait the game out will meet the same fate. They have 9 and a half hours and either way, the game is over for all of them.


Their escorts are watching the game through the players lenses and placing their bets. What they see on screen is like the screen of a game, with their names, a map and their survival percentage.


Throughout the warehouse are weapons, digital clues, traps and hundreds of keys. They finally realize they have to survive the  warehouse as well as each other.


As for the loser at the betting table, the person loses more than the pot. They do not have to win the game but you can’t lose. And the player who wins, dispatches the bettor who lost. And their life changes forever.


This movie was actually pretty good for a low budget flick. I liked the physical effects, the idea and the concept, this flick manages to somehow be both too low tech and too high tech, at the same time. If feels like 2 separate movies over laid on top of each other. I think I would like both movies much better separately. Plus I’m sure financing had a lot to do with it. Finally the movie feels longer than it is. Also in this is Leonard Roberts (The Elder).


So if you are a low budget horror fan and you like gore and deadly games, you might like this!