Macabre...ish Horror Review: Heart Stopper


Heart Stopper, 2016/ 92 min. This movie opens, during the beginning credits, with a man pulling another man’s heart out of his chest with his bare hands. 


For the world’s most violent serial killer, the electric chair, is just the beginning. He, Jonathan Chambers, escapes from the hospital morgue and the locked down facility becomes his new hunting ground. There’s something otherworldly and terrifying about this guy. While performing the last rites on Chambers, before his execution, his skin burned the priest.


On the same day, a girl, Sarah Wexler, is bullied and later stands in traffic, in order to commit suicide and Sheriff Berger (Robert Englund) nearly kills her and on her way to the hospital, she shares an ambulance with the newly executed Chambers. Something odd happens and some of his tattoos transfer from his arm to hers and she begins experiencing his memories. 


Chamber’s sits up during his autopsy and immediately rips out the heart of the doctor and suddenly recovers from his execution. His charred body returns to its former condition. 


Sarah and other hospital guests and staff desperately try to survive but Chambers is specifically after her. She and a classmate work to try to escape before they’re dead. 


This low budget movie is ok and Robert Englund makes it better. The effects do the job. Cinematography is pretty good. Acting is solid. Making Chambers more than human, fell short because I had to keep being reminded that he was more than just a murderer. Also many of his lines meant to make impact were kind of hokey. It’s what you expect, about a serial killer, killing. 


Bloody, gory and graphic. Total gore fest! I still enjoyed it for what it was. It reminded me of SO many low budget zombie movies in the feel of it. If you’re all about the gore, you’ll probably really enjoy this movie!


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