Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hell Fest



Hell Fest, 2018/ 1 hr 30 min


The horror attraction of the year is back and of course, everyone is going! But this year something new has come to the theme park and is lurking. Also, to enjoy certain parts of the place, you have to sign a waver before they will let you in.

 People are being stalked and killed, their bodies are added to the decor. And as an added bonus, he hunts and kills in front of witnesses and as expected, no one believes it was real, including the person who saw it. Now she is in danger and so are her friends.

 The killer uses all kinds of weapons from knives to random theme park props. Once anyone starts taking the danger seriously, it’ll be too late for them.

This movie’s pretty good, standard slasher with annoying 20 somethings. They didn’t make us wait too long to get to Hell Fest and killing started right away but the kill pacing lagged. Having said that, some of the kills are good and very graphic. And Hell Fest park is awesome, all the different characters, challenges and attractions look nice! Also, Tony Todd!!