Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth




Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth, 1992/ 1 hr 37 min

Pinhead is split into two entities after remembering his former humanity. His former human self, Capt. Elliot Spencer (Doug Bradley) and his demonic, cenobite self, Pinhead, the physical manifestation of his id. Both are trapped, one in limbo and the other, inside the Pillar of Souls. Which ends up being sold to the owner of a night club.

Later, a reporter, Joey Summerskill (Terry Farrell) sees a teen arrive at a hospital with chains hooked into his body and in the operating room some phenomena happens that causes the him to be executed, chains to be ripped out and his head to explode.

And it all started at The Boiler Room, a nightclub owned by the new owner of the Pillar of Souls, J. P. Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt).

Then J. P. finds out the Pillar is not just carved stone when his blood gets on it and the pillar soaks it up. And again when it (The Pillar + Pinhead) consumes one of his conquests. And after a heart to heart with Pinhead, J.P. Is given an offer he can’t refuse.

Meanwhile, in Joey’s research she finds the Lament Configuration and video of Kirsty explaining her experience with it. In her nightmares, in another reality, she also learns how Elliot turned in Pinhead by losing faith in humanity. He explains that he and Pinhead have to be reunited or Pinhead will destroy Earth for his own pleasure.

And until Joey can figure it out. We enjoy some truly epic physical effects (graphic and gory), pyrotechnics, the introduction of new cenobites and the desecration of a church. As usual it’s gory and sometimes gross and obscene, with some adult scenes. Also I couldn’t help finding the cigarettes everywhere funny, it just seemed so forced.

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