Macabre…ish Horror Review: Here Alone



Here Alone, 2016/ 1 hr 38 min


During an apocalyptic event caused by an epidemic, a lone woman, Ann (Lucy Walters) struggles to survive without the basic skills of survival, other than scavenging and hiding, but she’s learning. This illness doesn’t necessarily kill, it starts with chest sores and ends with the survivors turning into blood thirsty monsters who feed on their own wounds, dead and living people, they are ravenous.

She used to have a knowledgable partner who tried to teach her what he knew and they had an infant. She had a family until infection took them.

She connects with, shelters and nurses other survivors, Liv (Gina Piersanti) and Chris (Adam David Thompson)  at her camp until they can move on North. Well that was the plan until something changed. Plus the infected are moving in closer to her camp by the day.

One of the pair get closer to Ann and the other becomes her enemy, laying in wait and setting a trap to get her killed.

This is an indie post apocalyptic film, gritty and lonely, from the point of view of a survivor more than the horde. It’s a story of how she got where she is and what happened. This is not too graphic and gory though there are moments, it is mostly bleak and sad with flashbacks.