Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hereditary




Hereditary, 2018/ 2 hr 7 min.




There’s a lot going on in this movie.


Annie begins going to a support group to cope with the legacy of mental illness in her family that results in death, after her mother’s death and the subsequent desecration of her grave.


Then later, lose’s her own daughter, Charlie, in a terrible accident with her brother. But he is traumatized by her death and leaves her remains in the car for their mother to find. And under the influence of a support group member, Joan, they do a seance to communicate with Charlie.


But something is up with Joan and oddly familiar. So much so that Annie begins to search through her mother’s possessions and find links to her and Joan and both being in a cult. Books about possession and demons. The entire family starts experiencing strange occurrences and violence from apparitions.


Once Annie finally starts to put what’s happening together, it’s too late and revealed that she never had a chance to stop any of it.


It’s obvious there’s a much bigger story going on here and you have no idea and don’t like drawn out somewhat convoluted stories. You may not enjoy this. But if you do, it’s pretty intriguing. It’s relentless and you definitely don’t see where it’s going. Not very violent or graphic but when it is, it’s really graphic. Good cinematography, creepy score and great cast.


If you’re up for a long, creepy tale, it’s available here on itunes. Enjoy! 







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