Macabre...ish Horror Review: Host



Host, 2020/ 56 min.



During the quarantine, friends gather for a Zoom call and it is Haley’s turn to organize something for the group. She has set up a seance. Jemma is bored and decides to tell a lie about a suicidal boy from school. This lie makes it possible for a demonic entity to cross over. A mask was created and who knows what is wearing it.


The presence picks up where Jemma leaves off in her lie and becomes that boy. Strange happenings in their houses turn a fun activity into a terrifying ordeal. When they ask the entity if it is a friend, the answer is obvious and they are in trouble.


They try to sever the connection to the other world and believe it worked but they are wrong and one by one they all get a visit from this presence. They may not make it through the night.


This movie is short but good, an indie British found footage movie and the cinematography is like the Dark Web movies, on a laptop, for the most part. And only has like 8 people in it. This movie is all jump scares with some blood and it’s graphic without being too gory. It’s a rollercoaster ride and I enjoyed it!