Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hostel


Hostel 2005/ 94 min. Paxton and Josh are traveling across Europe and after a night of fighting, being ejected from a club, visiting brothels, they find themselves locked out of their hostel after missing curfew. They stay at a neighbor, Alexei’s place, and he mentions a hostel in Slovakia they should visit.

The 3 of them board a train to Slovakia and upon arrival they are impressed with the town and grandeur of the hostel.



They are assigned rooms with beautiful roommates, Natalya and Svetlana, who invite them to a spa and disco. Later after the disco, Joshua is attacked by a gang of kids called The Bubblegum Gang and is saved by a Dutch businessman he encountered on the train. 



Josh and Paxton hook up with their roommates and the next day they discovered their friend is gone and can’t be reached even by phone. They are approached by a woman named Kana, who is searching for her friends who have disappeared as well. Later, Paxton and Josh are drugged and Josh wakes up in a dungeon, and is drilled in the leg and chest  by a man, who when he removes his mask, reveals himself as the Dutchman. While torturing Josh, he regales him with stories of his failed dreams. 



Paxton awakes to find Josh missing and after asking the roommates about him, they take him to an old factory, where he is then hauled away, past a pile of Josh’s body. Paxton is restrained in a cell and a man named Johann arrives and cuts off his fingers with a chainsaw.



When Johann slips and saws off his own leg, Paxton slips his retrains, grabs a gun and shoots him. A guard enters and is shot as well. Paxton hides on a cart of body parts and ends up in locker room.




He discovers he’s in an elite hunting club where rich people torture and kill other people for sport. After having bid on prospective victims. He finds Kana in another room having her face disfigured with a blow torch. Her torturer is killer and they escape. And it’s harrowing until the end.




This movie is gory, bloody and graphic. Expect adult scenes and torture. It also takes a little while before it gets to the gore. There’s a lot of messed up stuff going on in this movie but it’s good with plenty of twists but also bleak. You’ve been warned! 



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