Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hostel 2



Hostel 2, 2007/ 1 hr 40 min.

Shortly after Paxton (Jay Hernandez)escapes the nightmare of Europe and the Hunters, he suffers from PTSD and lives in seclusion with his girlfriend. After a fight, she wakes and finds him in the kitchen and missing his head. In another part of the world, Paxton’s head arrives, in a box, at the Elite Hunter’s boss, office.


In Rome, 3 American students, Whitney (Bijou Phillips), Beth (Lorna German) and Lorna  (Heather Matarazzo) are convinced to go to Slovakia, by a nude model Axelle (Vera Jordana), on a luxurious spa vacation. They arrive and check into a hostel where their passports are scanned and uploaded to an online auction platform. And an American businessman, Todd (Richard Burgi), wins two of the ladies, Whitney and Beth, for he and a friend, Stuart (Roger Bart). 



That night, the village has a harvest festival and the students go and also there are Stuart and Todd. And the third student, Lorna, goes of with man on a boat and is incapacitated and kidnapped. Beth and Whitney end up leaving when they can’t find her. Later, Lorna wakes up, hanging upside down with her arms tied behind her.


A woman lying below her, in a bath tub begins swinging a scythe, cutting Lorna up and bathing in her blood as it flows from her body.



Meanwhile, he friends head to the spa and Beth nods off and when she wakes, the spa is empty, except for 2 men who are following her but she escapes. After which she’s ambushed by a kids street gang and is saved by Sasha (Milan Knazko) and Axelle. 


They take her to Sasha’s mansion where Beth is once again pursued and hides in a closet that turns out to be a trophy room, lined with human heads. She’s captured and taken to the factory.



And Stuart is alerted on his pager. Stuart enters his room with Beth and works up his nerve to kill her. Todd terrorizes Whitney with a saw but then loses his nerve after he accidentally scalps her. He tries to leave but the guard tells him he’s contractually obligated to kill her. He refuses and they turn their dogs on him and he is mauled to death. 


A representative of The Hunting Club offer other patrons the opportunity to finish Whitney off, at a price, including an Italian man who is eating his victim alive.



Stuart is offered and accepts after finding out Todd is dead, he then beheads her. Back in his room with Beth, she seduces him, tricking him into untying her. She fights him off and chains him to the chair. While attempting to escape, Sasha arrives with his guards and Beth wants to buy her freedom.



The deal is accepted but she must kill someone and get her Elite Hunting tattoo in order to leave. Stuart insults her and she cuts off his genitals and feeds them to the dogs. 



Later that night, Axelle is lured to the Woods by the street kids and Beth decapitates her with an axe. The kids then play soccer with her head.


This movie is full of crazy moments. The story and concept are over the top which is a great frame work for the effects which really sold the story. This is a good continuation of the first and I liked that it finished up part of the original story with Paxton before going on with the story. And the addition of more repugnant characters and twists that freshened up the story and made it more interesting. Which is necessary because it can get stale quickly. And in keeping with the franchise, where there’s blood or gore, there’s a lot of it. And it maintains that bleak and gory grit of the factory that we all know and love. And it’s done well! 


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