Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hostel 3



Hostel: Part 3, 2011/ 88 min.


A young man, Travis, goes to a hotel room with a Ukranian couple and after some beers, the couple fall unconscious but Travis does not. Travis is a member of the Elite Hunting Club. He calls for the unconscious couple to be picked up.


Meanwhile, 4 friends in Vegas for a bachelor party, find out about a freaky club in an abandoned building, after which, one of them, Mike wakes up in a cell and is strapped to a chair in a room, one wall is made of glass. Mike is on display to a room full of wealthy spectators. He is the entertainment, he’s in for body part removal surgery. No anesthesia. No pain meds. Just a man with a scalpel.


The 3 friends search for Mike and can’t even find the woman he met last night, she’s also missing. When they get a text from Mike’s phone to meet, they plus Nikki’s friend, arrive at the location, just to be kidnapped. In another location, Nikki, is strapped to a table and a jar of giant roaches is dumped on her.


One of the friends, Carter, has a big surprise for the other 2. Plus an improbable, exhilarating ending!


It is not as graphic, gory as shocking as the first 2. Different setting and location.

But still not a bad continuation of the story.