Macabre...ish Horror Review: House

House. It’s a movie released in 1985 about a House that makes inhabitants crazy and causes them to kill themselves (and sometimes others), it uses your thoughts, memories and relationships to do it. The newest inhabitant is a nephew of the previous owner, an aunt who killed herself there, he moves in and between the House trying to kill him and the truly, most obnoxious neighbors ever, the movie has a lot going on.

It’s got some of the muppetitiest monsters ever that really remind me of Evil Dead 2 and Little Monsters . You have to sit and watch it or you’ll be lost from the beginning. For the longest time I thought I was remembering 2 different movies, until I saw it again.

This movie isn’t gory, though there is some ick but it’s pretty lean on the blood and gore. Expect to see some cut up muppet monster though and enjoy it, because it’s funny. To me this is what I think of when I think 80s horror.

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