Macabre…ish Horror Review: Howl


Howl, 2015/ 89 min

Train guard, Joe Griffin (Ed Speleers), has been called in for an over night shift but at least his crush, Ellen (Holly Weston), works then too. After the train leaves London, it nearly derails after hitting a deer, a crew member tries to retrieve the deer stuck in the wheels but while doing that, the blood that’s on him attracts a werewolf and he’s attacked.


The train passengers have no idea they are in danger. When they get upset about being stranded, they convince Joe to let them walk the rest of the way to the nearest town.


And the walk is far more perilous than they realized, especially when they find the driver’s partially eaten body. The passengers run back to the train with a wolf in pursuit. The first person bitten is yanked up and down the door. Afterwards people are snatched out of windows and bursts through barricades, after punching through the top of the train to smear a man all over the WC.


On top of that, someone on the train is bitten and turning, nowhere is safe. And just as the survivors get some headway, it gets a lot worse and the chances of escape are even less. The only chance they have is to get the train moving.


This British Indie is so good! The physical effects are good and so is the pacing. It is graphic, bloody and gory plus some jump scares. These werewolves are also more humanoid and demonic than lycanthropic. Very underrated werewolf movie. Enjoy!