Macabre...ish Horror Review: Human Centipede 3



Human Centipede 3, 2015/ 1 hr 43 min


A grotesque, sadistic (among other things) warden, Bill Boss (Dieter Laser) at a Texas prison, rules his facility with hatred, brutality and torture. He unleashes all of his unrestrained emotions and sexually abuses/humiliates everyone around him. He’s looking for more inspiration to punish the prisoners in more despicable ways. After receiving a phone call, he becomes even more unusually unhinged.


Every way it is illegal or morally wrong to treat human beings, he does. Even on the day the governor (Eric Roberts) arrives, Boss water boards a prisoner with scalding water. At the threat of him and his accountant, Dwight (Laurence R. Harvey), losing their jobs, he becomes a little more deranged. He wants to castrate all the prisoners and then eat the testicles of one. Boss eats testicles and dried vaginas, he calls it all energy food.


Then he is enraged at the prisoner’s continued refusal to submit. The staff lives in a state of terror at his crazy and often horrifying antics. Boss finally settles on murder (of all prisoners) /suicide. But then Dwight convinces him that turning all the prisoners into a giant human centipede instead is a better idea, after watching the movies. The Human Centipede will reduce crime and recidivism plus save millions on infrastructure, staff and food. This could go national!


He invites Tom Six to meet with Boss to convince him that the Centipede is possible. And Six, wants to watch. So it’s settled! Prisoners are horrifically prepared or discarded. And the centipede is created. The governor returns to inspect the operations again and his reaction is expected.


This movie is very dark satire, it makes fun of body horror film or rather, people’s assumptions about the subgenre. It’s offensive in just about every conceivable way. It’s graphic, gory and bloody. Torture, sexual abuse, ridiculously violent and misogynistic throughout. Rough watch. Personally I was more appalled by Boss’ behavior than the gore. Boss and Dwight were in the first and second films respectively. There were also quite a few recognizable faces in this film.

This is the third in the Sequence and here are the first and second.  

Dieter Laser (Boss) died February 29, 2020, twelve days after his 78th birthday.

Also, the Human Caterpillar is in the works.



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