Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hunger


Hunger, 2009/ 1 hr 42 min. Five strangers are kidnapped and kept in an underground cavern with no means of escape. There’s water but no food, a clock, lights and cameras so the Creep who put them there can watch. All of which he controls from his computer. He likes to think of this as a scientific study.


They all wake up in total darkness in varying degrees of hysteria, with no memory of how they got there. And once they accept their situation they set out to figuring a way out. And I’m trying to figure out why they’re there and why they were chosen. By day 3, they discover that they’ve all, but one, killed someone before. The one who hasn’t is the control subject. By day 4, a scalpel is introduced into their environment, with a note that says, ‘The average human body can not last more than 30 days without food.’



We discover they are located down a well with a locked cap on it. When people hear their yells for help, their captive quickly takes care of them. They dig at the walls with their cups (tin cans) and they eat the roaches that come into the well. One day, they loosen some of the bricks from a wall to discover, not an exit, but the remains of the last group he had down there. 


This movie is a rough watch. It’s not scary or particularly gory, it’s more of a psychological horror. The helplessness, hopelessness and fear, is the horror. Expect savagery, insanity and cannibalism.



It’s a good movie, just heavy. There are flashbacks that do the job of filling in the holes and there’s an adult scene. 



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