Macabre…ish Horror Review: Hush


Hush, 2016/ 1 hr 21 min


A deaf writer, Maddie (Kate Siegel), lives in seclusion and writing what could possibly be her next book. After her friend, Sarah (Samantha Sloyan), leaves she is intercepted by a killer (John Gallagher Jr.). She manages to make it back to Maddie’s house with the murdered in pursuit and with Maddie just on the other side of the door, she yells and beats on the door. But she can’t here her.


The killer stabs Sarah over and over right there, with Maddie in eyesight and he realizes that she can’t here them. Right there and then he decides, she is his next target. He taps to make sure, he even goes inside just to be certain.


Even during a video chat with her sister, Max (Emma Graves) and him standing right behind her, she had no idea, not until she starts getting pics sent to her from Maddie’s phone, in real time. Not until this moment does she realize something is wrong.


He taunts her, making this a game, following her from the outside of the house and using her friend’s body as a gruesome prop. When Sarah’s boyfriend, John (Michael Trucco) arrives looking for her and Maddie, the killer tries to trick him and it ends in a fight to the death.


Maddie has to decide to run, hide or fight because this guy isn’t going away. He’s willing to kill everyone who comes to the house and interrupt his game. So really, she only has one choice.



For a movie with only 5 people in it, it was great! It was also, at times, from the point of view of Maddie which means the sound is muted. I really enjoyed this. It is bloody and the physical effects are painful and good! The pacing and tension is good. If there was any criticism at all is, there is no way she’d never look up of feel someone’s presence before the pics. That’s all. Otherwise, well done!