Macabre...ish Horror Review: Husk


Husk, 2010/1 hr 23 min.


Friends stranded in the middle nowhere, after a freak occurrence of their vehicle slamming into a flock of black birds that suddenly attack their windshield, broken down in a ditch and surrounded by cornfields.








They decide to go through a field in search of a house with a phone and find no help, just a scary abandoned farmhouse.







And inside the field are abandoned vehicles, it’s all inexplicable and as they try to figure it out and find help, one of them is grabbed and dragged through the field, it happens so fast they can’t see what happened.









After which is a horrifying nightmare where the friends are trying to survive attacks by a scarecrow. One by one they are each dragged away and seemingly animated by an old secret and an old tragedy involving the former owners of this farm.


Every attempt at escape from this godforsaken farm is thwarted. Even when a few them inexplicably find a still operational truck, they blow their one good chance at escape.









Plenty of jump scares, fast moving scares, good concept and story. Not too much blood and gore but good effects. Plus flash backs. This also a low budget film with only a handful of people. This movie scared the crap out of me! Very well done movie! 


Also, when the movie was over, I started it over because of what happened at the end…and the beginning…but when you first see the movie, you don’t realize what you’re seeing. Enjoy!



Also if you’re interested and are a Husk fan, there’s a Husk short that the movie spawned from, on YouTube. 









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