Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hypothermia


Hypothermia, 2011/ 73 min



Ray (Michael Rooker) and his family, Helen (Blanch Baker) and son, David (Benjamin Hugh Abel Forster) on an ice fishing vacation, and bonding with their son’s new fiancee, Gina (Amy Chang).


They leave the cabin for the ice and are joined on the ice by a loud, rambunctious man, Steve (Don Wood) and his son, Steve Jr. (Greg Finley). With their truck, loud music and trailer they set up camp which includes a genny and bright lights on tripods are strategically placed on the ice.



Ray tries to get along with the father/son duo anyway and the first sign of a catch is a whopper, it’s huge and fast. Steve jumps in to help but they can’t get it but it’s exciting. But then they soon realize that this may not be a fish, they don’t know what it is but it’s big and fast. When they first see it properly, it isn’t in the water and standing upright on the ice, some kind of reptilian monster (Asa Liebmann). And it is still fast and dangerous. 



Soon the 2 families need each other for survival because nightfall comes and this creature is stalking them from below the ice and keeping them from returning to land. 

One of them is killed and it is bloody, they cannot recover the body because it’s too dangerous but the next day they notice it’s been ripped in half and partly dragged away.


They have to find a way off of the ice before it’s too late for all of them.


You’ll recognize Ray as Darryl Dixon’s older, racist brother from The Walking Dead. Here he plays a kind, beloved father. The movie is bloody and plays out almost entirely on the ice. 



This movie really messes with my head because it’s a good quality low budget, cinematically, by the monster is hilariously reminiscent of old school rubber monsters. It cracks me up because it’s like, 2 movies filmed side by side and a rubber monster from a different movie wanders onto the set.















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