Macabre...ish Horror Review: Hypothermia

This movie really messes with my head because it’s a good quality low budget, cinematically, by the monster is hilariously reminiscent of old school rubber monsters. It cracks me up because it’s like, 2 movies filmed side by side and a rubber monster from a different movie wanders onto the set.



Hypothermia is about Ray and his family on an ice fishing vacation, who are joined on the ice by a loud, rambunctious man, Steve and his son. Ray tries to get along with the father/son duo anyway and soon the 2 families need each other for survival.



As they keep noticing that they are being stalked and hunted by something under the ice. They must work together to try to survive. See short, sweet too the point. It’s apparently a modern spin on the classic monster movie.


You’ll recognize Ray as Darryl Dixon’s older, racist brother from The Walking Dead. Here he plays a kind, beloved father. The movie is bloody and plays out almost entirely on the ice. It’s 73 minutes long and has Spanish subtitles. 



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