Macabre...ish Horror Review: I Am Legend


I Am Legend, 2007/ 101 min.


In 2009 a virus created to cure cancer killed over 90% of the world’s population. Nine percent of the people who were infected mutated into hairless, grey nocturnal cannibals. Point 2 percent of the population are immune and also the prey of the mutated.


In the deserted ruin of Manhattan lives Robert Neville (Will Smith), a former virologist and lieutenant with the U.S. Army. He lives a solitary life, with his dog, Samantha, of routine that includes scavenging for food, looking for other survivors and continuing to search for a cure, in his home lab. He lost his child (Willow Smith) and wife (Salli Richardson) when mutants attacked the helicopter they were evacuating in.


He’s making headway on his cure and catches a mutated woman (Joanna Numata) for testing. Which turns out to be a mistake when the tables are turned on him. And he barely escapes with his life.


And when he finally finds other people, it all, kind of, falls apart as the mutants start closing in. But there might be hope in his serum and a potential safe haven.


If they can escape Manhattan first.


Really good movie! Will Smith did a good job as Robert Neville. Plenty of flashbacks to fill in the gaps and I liked the zombie horror feel of the movie. There are some jump scares but little blood and gore. This movie is more heavy and sad than scary. And don’t forget the alternate ending.