Macabre...ish Horror Review: I Am Not A Serial Killer



I Am Not A Serial Killer, 98 min. Meet John Cleaver (Max Records), he lives in a small town with his Mom and Aunt and helps out in the local funeral home they own. He enjoys the work and is fascinated by their deaths. He’s that sociopathic kid in school who writes stories that cause his teacher concern and his family’s funeral home gets him flack at school. 

And in his town lurks a serial killer and it’s got John’s full attention. He doesn’t just get to see the victims when they arrive at the funeral home but he likes to go to the scene of their deaths. And these behaviors begin to worry the town’s folk. There’s a chance John might be the serial killer that’s plaguing the town.


Aside from his own demons that he struggles with, John’s got a big secret and he’s not sharing, not even with his therapist, who may or may not be dating his mother. And the cost of these secrets is too high.


Expect this movie to be graphic, gory and bloody but it’s certainly no gore fest. I wouldn’t describe this movie as scary, more of a thriller and murder mystery. Good cinematography, great concept and story. Great performances and unexpected ending. 


Also, there’s a book and I really need to read it!


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