Macabre...ish Horror Review: I Am Toxic

I Am Toxic aka Soy Tóxico, 2018/ 1 hr 16 min


A man, in the middle of nowhere, with no memory is taken to a settlement, tortured and imprisoned by a group of scavengers. They refer to him as Doggie and the only thing keeping the man from being chopped up is the leader of the group who brought him there.

He escapes with the help of the lone woman in the settlement. She, Iris, does not speak, they cut out her tongue to stop her whining about her Dad.

Slowly his memory is returning and the memories are terrible, he also had a wife and child. There are other dangers other than the sadists who hurt people for sport and the illness, there are also zombies. Slow, silent and dangerous. 

The area was blighted by chemical warfare and many of those who didn’t die were struck with memory loss and soon, blindness, there’s nothing to hope for, nothing left but wasteland.

This movie is a Spanish, post apocalyptic film and it’s on point. It’s gritty. Everything and everyone is dirty, there are bodies and wreckage scattered around. People are wearing rags and eating anything. The zombies are slow and look like they’re made of mud, they look great!! Lots of fight scenes, not too much zombie activity and not very graphic. There are flashbacks that help tell the story and the story is bleak and full of despair.

Spanish audio with English subtitles