Macabre...ish Horror Review: i-Lived



i-Lived, 2015/ 97 min.


A vlogger who reviews apps, downloads a self help app called i-Lived and fills in his goals with things like ‘wanting a 6 pack’, then records his efforts on the app on his journey to get said 6 pack, with before and after pics. It also gives you missions, like ‘record yourself doing something nice for 6 people’. Documenting it all on his channel, giving the app a 2 out of 5.



Life really isn’t going well for this guy, ivy league graduate, out of work and trying his hand at a tech start up, striking out with the ladies. But he still has i-Lived on his phone and when he’s out, he gets an alert, prompting him to interact at the bar. And wonder of wonders, it works!



So he gives the app another look, maybe it will change his life. His next goal that he puts in the app is to make the woman from the bar, his girlfriend. Then he gets an offer for his dream job and believes it’s all his doing and that he no longer needs the app. He gets rid of it and loses everything.



So he downloads the app again, expecting the same results but he is in for a surprise. And a very different experience. It’s going to cost him more than he ever wanted to pay to use this app.



As the movie goes along it gets darker, eerier and more violent. It starts as kind of silly/cheesy and becomes progressively more chilling as the movie goes on.


This is a low budget movie with adult scenes and language. The only thing that really bothered me about this movie is his annoying dark house. I really enjoyed the concept, it kind of reminded me of The Game with Michael Douglas. Expect some jump scares, some blood and some craziness. Not my favorite cinematography but it does the job.


Want to watch?! It’s available here on itunes. Enjoy!




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