Macabre…ish Horror Review: I Spit On Your Grave


I Spit On Your Grave, 2010/ 1 hr 45 min



Jennifer (Sarah Butler) rents a cabin out in the middle of nowhere to finish her novel. It starts off rough at a gas station with unwelcome attention from some locals. Then, at the cabin, after a while she hears noises and gets the sense that she is not alone. She tries to ignore it and go about her business but it is soon very clear that she is being watched.


One of the guys from the gas station has been watching and recording her in her underwear. And he shows it to the others, pretty soon they are talking crazy, convincing themselves that she’s out there for one thing. That coupled with the fact that she rejected their interest in her, has made her a target.


Earlier one morning they enter her house and terrorize her. When she fled and found the police, she discovered there is no help here. Everyone is a bad guy, especially the good guys.


She was brutalized and gang raped and the whole terrible act was recorded. Dirty, naked and traumatized, Jennifer jumped off of a bridge and then these rapists hunted for her body to dispose of it once they realize what kind of trouble they are in. They gather and destroy her property and spread the word that she left. But one of the group is a presumed weak link, a mentally disabled man, Matthew (Chad Lindberg), who was forced to participate. He is also traumatized by it and struggling with guilt.


Plus, people are calling, looking for Jennifer. Then the camera with the incriminating evidence is stolen from Stanley (Daniel Franzese) and sent to the sheriff’s wife. In a tail spin, the Sheriff (Andrew Howard) is gonna tie up those loose ends. But, too late…


They will all meet her again in an abandoned cabin and endure the worst versions of what each of them did to her but they won’t survive it.


Everyone will pay for what happened to Jennifer.


This is the remake of the 1978 original movie and it is a rough watch but it’s a well made film. It’s a slow burn that turns into torture porn. The physical effects are good, it is gruesome and at times hard to watch.  There is nudity, rape and a lot of violence.