Macabre…ish Horror Review: I Spit On Your Grave 3



I Spit On Your Grave 3, 2015/ 1 hr 32 min



This is the sequel to the first remake one.


After Jennifer (Sarah Butler) survives her rape and torture, exacts her revenge and avoids conviction, she moves to LA. She is still badly traumatized and suffering flashbacks, she is irretrievably changed at her core. Her entire outlook on life is different, her beliefs, world view…everything. She day dreams about justice a lot, it’s sort of a coping mechanism.


She uses an assumed name Angela Jitrenka in individual therapy, group therapy, she has a job and is a productive member of society but what happened to her colors everything, including her interactions with people, especially men.


In group, she she makes a friend! Marla (Jennifer Landon). She also does not trust men and goes out of her way to antagonize any man they makes a move on them. She’s aggressive and bombastic and always up for a good time. Jennifer and Marla happen to live near each other, it works out.


But then Marla dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances and no one is ever punished for it. Jennifer is mourning and also outraged that there is no justice, not for Marla or anyone else in their therapy group. So she decides to do something about it.


One by one, Jennifer, hunts down all of the unpunished rapists that she knows about, starting with Marla’s ex. And it is gruesome.

This is a direct continuation of the first (remake) film and the same actress plays Jennifer. The movie is very violent, very gory and very graphic. There are also some recognizable faces in this like Michelle Hurd.

There are a lot of flashbacks in this and a lot of violent fantasies.