Macabre...ish Horror Review: Idle Hands


Idle Hands, 1999/ 1 hr 32 min.

Slacker, Anton’s (Devon Sawa) parents are dead, killed after someone wrote “I’m under the bed.” on the ceiling and all signs point to Anton as the assailant. And there are lots of clues.

After he kills his best friends, Mick (Seth Green) and Pnub (Elden Hensen), he realizes his hand is possessed. It also helps him get a girlfriend (Jessica Alba) when the possessed appendage launches his cat out the window and across the street and he runs into the neighbor, Molly, he’s has a crush on forever.

He buries his parents and friends in the yard but his friends return from the grave. Their spirits returned to their bodies because the light was too far. And after his hand kills two police officers in his living room, Anton, hacks his hand off with a cleaver and puts it in the microwave to cook. After which his genius zombies friends release it from the microwave and now they have to find it before it kills anyone else.

At the same time, a Druidess named Debi (Vivica Fox), is hunting a spirit who is responsible for kills spanning the country. The spirit finds the laziest person it can find and possesses him, killing everyone it can find. And the hand particularly wants Molly and frankly, anyone else.

Everyone chases the hand to the school dance to stop it. None of them are successful at stopping it for all the trouble.

Very nostalgia comedy horror with a strong slacker vibe. Lots of recognizable faces including Roach from People Under The Stairs! This is a gory, bloody movie with some nudity and adult scenes, that might give you a chuckle. Seth Green has a bottle ‘imbedded’ in his head for most of the movie! Those practical effects are gory and fun!