Macabre...ish Horror Review: In The Flesh


 In The Flesh, 2013-2014/ 180 min. Drama


An English zombie series about the aftermath of an outbreak, war and imprisonment, it is decided that the zombies are people suffering from PDS, Partially Deceased Syndrome and require medication and rehabilitation.


 The undead are then sent back home and what happens is exactly what you expect. People are scared of them and they are unwelcome. The zombies are struggling to assimilate and create a new normal with people who are either afraid of them and/or treat them with scorn.


The undead and the living, both, trying to come to term with their deaths, then ‘undeaths’ and the new reality in which they all live. This story centers around Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) and his life after he returns home to Roarton, Lancashire, after his 2009 death.



Everyone is struggling with this adjustment and are called Rotters by people who are most angry about their existence. Mostly by the zombie hating Human Volunteer Force, led by Vicar Oddie (Kenneth Cranham), who is absolutely against the governments plan of reintegrating zombies into society.


Meanwhile, Kieren and others like him must confront the towns people who’ve rejected them, while dealing with zombie side effects and struggling become a productive member of society. PDS sufferers band together and support each other as much as they can. 



These zombies can talk and maintain much of their human attributes though they still look like corpses. So they’re taught to wear contacts and makeup as part of their reintegration. And the medication that they’re legally required to take, suppresses their zombie urges. Some like Amy (Emily Bevan) embrace it for what it is and try desperately to move on. If only the living would let them.



Good series! Though it’s not horror or even a thriller, I really enjoyed it. Nice to have new zombie offerings. I wish it could’ve lasted longer.



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