Macabre...ish Horror Review: In The Tall Grass


In The Tall Grass, 2019/ 1 hr 30 min


Siblings on their way to California after stopping to chat, enter a field to find a boy calling for help. Only to find that they also need help and can’t find their way out.


Not only can they not find their way out, they also cannot find each other. Something is up with this field. It’s densely packed with tall grass. And upon jumping, the sister, Becky, managed to spot a lone church in the vast expanse.



Apparently, a lot of people are lost in this field, because Becky is found by a man named Ross, who claims to be father of the boy, Tobin, who was calling for help.


And Ross is Patrick Wilson from Hard Candy! It rapidly getting dark and creepier and by now we know, there is something terribly off about this damn field.



You try to leave a marker to find your way back and it vanishes. You tie off some of the grass, it unties itself. This field is a trap and people don’t ever find their way out. And the longer the people are trapped in there, they realize there are rules to this place and a method to the madness.


This movie is trippy and has a lot of surprises and twists. There’s a distinct Tommyknockers/Children of the Corn/Langoliers vibe. Very interesting and kept my attention. I really enjoyed it!


Some jump scares, violence and it’s eerie. And the effects and cinematography is good! I will say this would really benefit from a prequel. And a note...I watched this on a laptop, 36 inch flat screen and projector...the super up close moments were clearest on the laptop.


This available on Netflix. Enjoy!




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