Macabre...ish Horror Review: Incision




Incision, 2020/ 79 min


A surgeon is on the run after butchering his patients and along with him a teenager is missing.

 Later, a lost laptop leads a man, Kenny, to the property of Dr. Bennet, he’s let in by a crazy lady who keeps shouting about whores and demanding he eat brownies. When Kenny slips away and searches for the computer, and encounters rooms with weird stuff in them, a strange child who wants to play. But the real crazy is in the unfinished parts of the house.

 And when Kenny doesn’t respond to texts, his friends search for him and as expected, their reception to the house is weird but this time they are greeted Dr. Cunningham. And that weird kid returns and Becca is kidnapped from the car.

 Then Kenny is wheeled out and the others are informed that they all will be getting surgery. Whether they like it or not. And not just no anesthesia and bathtub full of ice surgery but butchery and experimentation.

 This low budget film starts off slow but builds to hopelessness! The gore is crazy over the top and the physical effects are pretty good but some of the cgi blood effects are distracting. The creep factor is pretty high in this one and is often surreal. This movie is infuriating and becomes painful to watch and feels bleak.