Macabre…ish Horror Review: Indigenous

Indigenous, 2014/ 1 hr 26 min


Five friends, Charlie (Jamie Anderson), Elena (Sophia Pernas), Trevor (Pierson Fode), Scott  (Zachary Soetenga) and his girlfriend Steph (Lindsey McKeon), go on a Panamanian vacation!


They research tourist traps and adventures, after a while they find the Darien Gap. One of the least explored and most mysterious locales, they find out that teens have gone missing in those jungles before. In fact, the locals never go there anymore so, of course, they have to check it out!


Their friend Julio (Juanxo Villaverde), explains that it is forbidden, not just because of the pristine falls untouched by humans but there is the legend of Chupacabra. It is said that mythical beast lurks and hunts there. But the more the tourists are warned, the more they insist on going.


It’s a few hours of fun before people start disappearing and they are chasing screams to try to find them. Meanwhile, their friend Julio goes looking for them but he can’t find them and it’s not long until he’s chased out of the jungle. The group stays lost and it’s only getting darker, they’re being attacked by a monster but they can’t find a signal or their way out.


A last ditch effort to save them is made by Scott by posting a video on Facebook and it is terrifying and quickly goes viral. This forces Panama to act and send the military into the jungle on a rescue mission.


A few of the tourists are found alive but the rescue mission isn’t quite so smooth when the creature comes into the open to drag the woman back.


This movie is a little slow and once they get in the jungle it is mostly jump scares and running around lost but the creature is really good. The effects and cinematography are pretty good.