Macabre...ish Horror Review: Infestation


Infestation, 2008/93 min. Life changes in a big way for lovable slacker, Cooper (and everyone else), when a normal day of being late and goofing off in the office turns into an unexpected nightmare, when he wakes up and finds everyone else in the office cocooned in webs and evidently in a deep sleep. With no memory of what happened he begins waking people up and soon discovers who or rather, what has done this to them. Giant insects! 


He fights off one of these cream filled monstrosities by himself to find that, there aren’t just giant spiders but also giant wasp like creatures. There’s more though, the giant wasps have the ability to, not just kill, but transform people into monstrosities, human spider hybrids. They also kidnap and fly some people back to their hive in order to feed and create more young.


These creatures cannot see but navigate by sound. And they’re using humans for food and to create worker drones. The survivors search for relatives and a way out of this. The danger isn’t just the insects though but people. And Cooper helps the other search for family on his way to find his Dad. 


Together they find the hive and hopefully an end to this nightmare.


This movie is a fun little sci-fi Horror Comedy, if you like that slacker vibe, this one’s for you. Not much blood and guts but good transformation effects. Not just human spiders but dog spiders too! There’s is one instance of nudity. But this is an otherwise pretty tame and mild horror. Enjoy!


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