Macabre...ish Horror Review: Innocent Blood



Innocent Blood, 1992/ 1 hr 52 min


A French vampire, Marie (Anne Parillaud)has become very selective about her food sources and because of that, she’s also lost her partner. But after weeks of searching for an acceptable source, she decides, Italian! Gangsters, specifically the rude ones.

Then she gets the boss the morgue to an associates house, and after sucking on frozen meat, soon he feeds his way through his attorney and crew. It would seem that they find the downsides of being a vampire are far less than the benefits.

Meanwhile, Gennero (Anthony Lapaglia) who was chasing Maria for killing the mob boss, is now partnering with her to stop the gang from spreading the curse and destroying the town. And clueless cops and DA (Angela Bassett) are still trying to drag them all in on RICO charges.

If you ever wanted a gangland/vampire crossover movie, this is the one! There’s nudity, adult scenes and gore.

This movie is packed with gangster movie stars! Kim Coates, Anthony Lapaglia, Chaz Palminteri, Tony Sirico etc..everyone plus horror icons Dario Argento, Linnea Quigley, Tom Savini, Sam Raimi and the man himself, Don Rickles!