Macabre...ish Horror Review: Intacto


Intacto, 2002. 109 min. This movie is about luck, some are born with an over abundance of it, some know how to siphon that luck off of other people and some have a gift of not just luck but also the gift of taking away other people’s luck. And in some places trade it and trade on it like currency. 


That is what is at stake at an underground gambling ring where there’s far more at stake than losing a bet, you could also lose your luck and your life. High stake gamblers come from all over the world to try their luck. Acceptable bets...racehorses, homes, rare cars, fingers, other peoples luck etc. And for the highest of high stakes player, you can play the luckiest of them all. A man who has played this game for decades and has never lost. Survival is the only prize.


No regular player can bet against him, it’s like a game and the player must be proven and win other games without fail and he will make request to play against you. There’s a whole world out there where Luck is a tradable commodity and people are willing to die for it. 


This a great Spanish thriller with a great concept.


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