Macabre...ish Horror Review: Iron Doors



Iron Doors aka Vault, 2011/ 1 hr 20 min.


A man wakes up, locked in a vault, awakened by a swarm of flies eating a rat. The only other thing in the vault is a locked locker. At first, he thinks it’s a prank and shrugs it off, waiting for the joke to be over.


Then he starts to become alarmed and beats on the vault door trying to get anyone’s attention. There is no cell signal and by day 2, he’s already drinking his urine out of his shoe. He suddenly sees something in the overhead light fixture, it’s a key. And it fits the lock on the locker. So he gets to work using what he finds inside to try to get out.


After a while, the maggoty rat starts looking pretty good! And by day 3, it’s looking bleak but suddenly goes from a one person movie to a 2 person movie and another vault! He finally figures out this isn’t a prank but he has a good attitude about it.


Hopefully, a way can be found to escape before dehydration is the death of them.


This movie has a total of 2 people in it and anywhere between 1 and 3 rooms. But somehow there’s a lot of talking in this movie. No blood or gore. I never knew where this was going, which was nice and the end was definitely a surprise. It is more thriller than horror but not bad for what it is.