Macabre...ish Horror Review: IT Chapter 2



It Chapter 2, 2019/ 2 hr 50 min.


The Loser’s Club promise to return if Pennywise isn’t dead.


Twenty seven years after being defeated, Pennywise returns to Derry.


A gay couple are beaten by a group of bullies at a carnival and one of them is thrown off a bridge, then rescued and eaten by Pennywise.


Mike Hanlon, one of the Loser’s Club who still lives in Derry, is alerted to the monster’s return via police scanner. He gets on the phone and recalls the group home to honor the promise they made back in 1989. All return despite the sense of dread and remembering nothing about the past. All but Stanley, soon after getting the call, he takes his life.


They meet at a restaurant where Mike refreshes their memories of the past and where they are tormented by hallucinations. There they also learn of Stan’s death.


Beverly confesses that she has visions of their deaths if they leave or fail to defeat Pennywise. Mike explains that there is a ritual they must do and it involves 7 artifacts from their past. As they retrace their steps, they remember lost memories and encounter IT.


Pennywise taunts the Losers, meanwhile still killing the town’s kids. He also frees Henry Bowers and uses him to attack the group.


Once again they end up in the cavern under the sewers to face Pennywise one last time. He causes chaos and dissension among them and ensnares them in traps, using their fears and their guilt. The only way out is to face them.


This movie is a great continuation! It was fun, scary, graphic and gory. There was a good balance of creepy and hilarious. Lots of weird moments I didn’t see coming that were excellent! Good effects, acting and jump scares. This turned out to be a great remake. Well done!