Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jack Frost


Jack Frost, 1997/ 1 hr 30 min


This movie begins with a little girl asking for a funny horror story from her uncle. And out pours out the horrific story of a homicidal snow man.


And at midnight a man is scheduled for execution and his name is Jack. He killed his way across half a dozen states before he was captured in Snowmonton. On the way to the execution there is a terrible crash with a truck and the material it was carrying melts Jack into a pulp. His cells mix with the snow’s structure and that’s how he became a snow man.


Assuming he’s dead, the town tries to return to normal but instead a bunch of murders begin happening around town.

Many in town believe Jack is still alive and still killing but a few people involved with a genetic research company know exactly what’s going on.


The deaths become more graphic and disturbing and by accident they figure out who the killer is and what might stop him.


This is a comedy slasher and it is pretty graphic, over the top and somewhat gory. The effects are ok, there are adult scenes and innuendo. I also found it more silly than funny, the snow man reminds me of Chucky! Also Shannon Elizabeth is in this! Remember her?!

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