Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jack in the Box



Jack in the Box, 2019/ 1 hr 27 min.



A man finds a box with his metal detector,  a Jack in the Box after witnessing his wife being dragged into the box and the lid slamming shut, his life is ruined when he’s accused of killing her.


At some point the box is unearthed and brought to an English museum. And a newly hired American curator, Casey (Ethan Taylor), discovers the Jack in the Box. It seems to be locked by combination lock and lacking a handle. But when the combo turns and spells out Jack, the handle suddenly comes out of the box.


Upon opening the box it is decided to put it on display. That evening burglars break into the museum and the attempt to steal the box turns into a terrifying ordeal when some kind of Clown monster climbs out of that box. The burglars never make it out of the building.


The next day the door is open and the lobby in disarray but a curator is there to authenticate the Jack in the Box. They are said to originate in France to house evil entities, they were called Demon en boite. They were meant to look normal, enticing even and when the box is opened it unleashed the demon within.


When the box senses someone near, the handle turns on it’s own and if someone is captured, a number dial on the box turns, keeping a victim count.



Next, Casey goes to the local demonologist website and discovers the lore and that the Jack (Robert Nairne) needs six victims, only then will it be trapped in the box. In an attempt to keep anyone else from dying he tries to get rid of it, to destroy it but nothing works. Also, the clown won’t kill him and he has no idea why.


This is a demon horror and the story and concept is good! It’s not very graphic but does have some pretty good jump scares. Well done. I really enjoyed this one!