Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jason X



Jason X, 2001/ 1 hr 33 min.



In 2010, Jason is being help in the Crystal Lake Research Facility, after never successfully being able to kill him, he was put into stasis. Researchers hope to use him to study his rapid cellular regeneration. A soldier makes the mistake of getting to close to Jason, even trussed in chains and secured to the ceiling and floor, he escapes. While chasing the last living personnel, Rowan, he breaches the cryogenic chamber, she’s lured him into, freezing them both.


In the year, 2455, that’s 445 years later, the facility has been abandoned on Earth, all other humans have left for another planet, Earth 2. Jason and Rowan are discovered in the facility chamber by students on a field trip with their android, KM-14. They students retrieve both bodies and take them along with the intent to resuscitate Rowan.


On their ship she is revived and wakes up swinging. Jason, on the other hand, is declared deceased. But Rowan knows better, Jason never dies. And intern is ordered to dissect Jason’s body and the professor intends to make a profit because he has debts and a collector would pay to have Jason Voorhees’ corpse.


But as expected, Jason thaws and wakes up. As he cuts his way through the passengers, security is bribed to recover him alive for $200,000. Not only will it be next to impossible, he will actually be more invincible by the end of it.


As per usual, plenty of sex until everyone is slaughtered. Some of the kills are nice, i.e. liquid nitrogen death. It’s ok. I think it would have been more enjoyable if the ship was darker, grittier like Alien or Doom, if they had to go into space. It’s almost as Jason wondered onto the wrong set. Far Scape maybe? The teen sex trope is so done to death, it’s tiresome at this point. I did like the addiction of the KM-14 unit though. It’s not scary and minimally bloody or gory.