Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jaws



Jaws, 1975/ 2 hrs 10. A giant man eating great white shark terrorizes beach goers on Amity Island, beginning with Chrissy Watkins, when she disappears after skinning dipping during a beach party.



The next morning, after her remains are found on shore



and the medical examiner with the help of an Oceanographer, Matt Hooper confirm her death to be as a result of a shark attack. Resulting in the Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider), with the help of a Marine Biologist (Richard Dreyfuss), to hunt and kill the shark before anymore people are killed. 



A bounty is placed on the shark, creating a frenzy of amateur shark hunters to flood in to the waters of the resort island. And a local professional shark hunter offers his services for $10,000. When a tiger shark is caught and mistakenly deemed to be the culprit, the beaches flood with tourists again. When people are attacked again. Quint is hired to hunt the shark. 



Brody and Hooper join Quint on this expedition. Their first encounter with the shark, Quint determines it to be 25 ft long and weighs 3 tons.



They bait the water with chum and when the shark appears, Quint harpoons it with a line attached to a barrel but the shark disappears under water. The hunt continues into the night with men sharing tales and singing shanties. And the shark re-emerges, ramming the ship, breaching the hull and causing damage and still pulling the barrel along behind it. 



Quint becomes obsessed with catching the shark, thwarting Brody’s attempt to call the coast guard for help after the ship is handicapped by the shark. The shark comes back and they use everything they have against it, shooting with guns and continuing to harpoon it, adding more and more barrels but to no avail. They follow the shark, further and further out to see, limping a damaged ship behind it.




After one failed attempt and mishap after another, Quint’s obsession ends up costing him his life and with the boat almost entirely submerged, Brody kills the shark. 




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